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Are you an answer junkie? Me too. Answers are out there like pieces of a puzzle and each of us is holding an intersecting part. So ask, and with your permission, on this page we’ll look at questions-without publishing your identity. Hopefully, we all can weigh in and construct that puzzling answer.

A reader writes:

I am hoping maybe you can help me.

I have been searching for a volunteer coordinator position.

My main job search site was idealist.org but they recently changed their format and now I get tons of positions but they are not what I am looking for.

I was wondering if there are others besides me who have been affected by the change at idealist and if others have suggestions on how to get a targeted search for volunteer coordinator positions.

thanks for your help.



A: Hi M!

Searching for a volunteer coordinator position can be very challenging, because it is such a specialized field. While idealist is good, there are other job search sites that also list volunteer coordinator positions as they pull from multiple sources. Here is an article that lists some of the top websites for a job search: https://www.thebalance.com/top-best-job-websites-2064080
You can post a resume on many of these sites. However, doing a little research on all the entities in your area that utilize volunteers is one of the best ways to find a coordinator position. Check their local website frequently and also consider volunteering at one that you think would be a good fit for you-even if a position does not open, you can enlist the help of a volunteer coordinator to let you know what he/she hears when networking with other organizations.