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What to Gift Your Volunteer Manager This Year

“What can I get my non-profit staff, especially that mysterious volunteer manager, who seems to run around a lot?”  You, my dear ED or CEO have come to the right place.

Let me help you gift your hard working volunteer manager this year with something he or she will actually treasure.

Forget that inflatable unicorn horn you wear on your head. Forget that sweater that depicts Santa in a magician’s hat. Forget that self help book on “How to Field Criticism and Still Feel Validated.”

Forget two extra weeks vacation, uh meh. No. Give a gift that really resonates with your VM. And, the best part is, it doesn’t cost you a thing, only a sheet of paper, a printer and a pair of scissors.  And, as a bonus, in typical cooperative volunteer manager style, I’ll even throw in the template!

Here are my three top picks for a Volunteer Manager Holiday gift:

Get Out of Event Free Card:

Get out of event free coupon

Budget Increase Steal of Choice card:

Budget Increase Steal of Choice

Immunity from Assignment Card:

immunity from assignment coupon

Well Executive Directors, there you have it, the top three gift coupons for your volunteer manager. A few moments, a pair of scissors and you are done shopping!

And, oh, volunteer managers? Feel free to slip these under the door of your executive director.

Unless you really want that coffee mug that says, “World’s Greatest Office Worker.”