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How do you evolve your volunteer program for the volunteers of tomorrow whilst meeting the needs of your volunteers today? Sam Clift, Volunteer Resource Manager at London Transport Museum talks through achieving senior management buy-in, involving volunteers in strategy planning, getting volunteers on board with organisational change and using technology and volunteer support to make volunteering more accessible and inclusive. Sam can be contacted at sam.clift@ltmuseum.co.uk or alternatively at his LinkedIn page: http://linkedin.com/in/sam-clift-0363a821
Tips I learned from Sam:
Court senior manager buy-in by chiming with their priorities. 
Keep volunteer value continuously in view.
Technology can be embraced by volunteers.
One change can create looking at other ways to change and grow.
Use incentives to make changes more palatable.
Involve volunteers in strategic roles.
Be honest about limitations.
Elevate volunteers to mentor roles.
Find new ways to embrace inclusion.
Meet challenges head-on.

Thank you to Sam for his hard work and insights and for sharing his program with us. And here’s to an exciting new year.