In this special episode of Volunteer Plain Talk Podcast, (recorded Monday March 23) Rob Jackson of Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd. located in the UK, and Meridian chat about coping, challenges and opportunities in uncertain times. Rob offers his thoughts and advice including: (also available on Stitcher, Apple, Spotify)

  • “There’s a moment here,” for thought leadership
  • Connecting and venting vs. isolation
  • Readying our profession for what’s next
  • Miss Piggy’s quote
  • The abundance of information volunteer managers will have to share
  • Harnessing the community spirit and is this like an alien invasion movie?
  • Finding comfort
  • The good that can come from tough times
  • Resources-we are not alone

You can connect with Rob by emailing him at rob@robjacksonconsulting.com or by visiting his website: Please sign up for Rob’s blog, it’s essential reading: http://www.robjacksonconsulting.com/ He is also available on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robjackson74/ and on twitter at https://twitter.com/RobJConsulting

Resource-rich websites for Leaders of Volunteers:

If I missed any resources, please let me know so I can include them and please subscribe to these websites as they are rich in all sorts of resources for volunteer managers.

Huge thank you to Rob Jackson for jumping on this podcast at short notice. You are amazing, knowledgeable, infectiously funny, dedicated and forward-thinking. Sometimes, I just have to think, “What would Rob do?” 🙂

Be safe, be well, stay connected.