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One thing I realized in all these years, is that leaders of volunteers are never, ever idle. We are always recruiting, talking up volunteering, hatching new ideas, and working a crowd (even if it’s only 1 person in line for a 99 cent taco on Tuesday). We never stop, even during chaotic times. Some of the things we’re doing are:

We can’t get rusty so we practice training volunteers wherever and whenever we can. It helps to target the audience in practice, just like we do for real. You never know what civic group or club might invite you to give orientation.

We want to be super-prepared for the time when volunteer fairs are running again, so we pass the time by making give-a-ways – it doesn’t hurt to have something people really want.

We don’t stop talking about our volunteer initiatives to anyone that might listen. I figured heck, we go to the store anyway, may as well use this opportunity to recruit volunteers. (in theory, but all I experienced was customers making a wide arc around me)

Leaders of volunteers are creative, innovative people. I’m thinking, we will look back on this time as the most innovative in the history of volunteer management.