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I was fortunate to chat with Elisa Kosarin, CVA, who is one of our important thought leaders in volunteer engagement. Listen in as Elisa shares her insights on:

  • strategic planning and how fun fits in
  • how volunteer managers should aspire to move up into senior management
  • achieving buy-in and the seven kinds of power
  • the future of virtual volunteering
  • how volunteer managers are embracing and adapting traditional roles to virtual
  • how new looks at virtual roles may create more inclusion and diversity
  • how doing uncomfortable things makes you grow
  • work/life balance
  • leadership, vision and creativity
  • the first step to achieving your vision

About Elisa:

Elisa Kosarin, CVA, helps nonprofits deliver fully on their missions by strengthening their volunteer programs. Her work is driven by the conviction that volunteers who are supported and valued have the potential to transform their communities.

Elisa consults, coaches, and trains on volunteer management best practices.  She blogs regularly on her Twenty Hats website, exploring the skills and practices that leaders of volunteers seek to build confidence elevate their programs.
Elisa’s blog on strategic planning at CASA: 

Thank you Elisa for all you do for the volunteer management community and for sharing your passion and wisdom with us.