What is resilience? Are some volunteers resilient and others not so much? Why?

Are Leaders of Volunteers resilient? (You know what I think, right?)

In this episode, volunteer engagement expert Laura Rundell shares her thoughts and experiences on a variety of resilience topics including:

  • What exactly is resilience?
  • The filled up cope-o-meter
  • Examples of resilient volunteers
  • What resilience is not
  • Volunteer motivation
  • Do we confuse volunteers not being resilient with not being heard?
  • What does individual motivation have to do with resilience?
  • What goes on in a volunteer’s life may determine resilience
  • How do leaders of volunteers advocate for themselves? Describe themselves?
  • Drawing the line as a profession
  • The ripple effect we may never see
  • Advice for new leaders of volunteers  

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We, leaders of volunteers are resilient creatures. We have to be. We also have to be innovative, persistent, creative, analytical and passionate.

Hopeful resilience is in our DNA and is helping us cope.

Thank you Laura, for sharing your wisdom, observations and hope for us and our profession. You are truly a resilient leader!