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Do we assume that engaging kids 9-12 is too much effort for the return on our investment? Are we missing an untapped potential? In this episode, Summer Neiss, librarian and student coordinator for the K Kids program at Mabel Rush Elementary school shares the passions, motivations, and untapped potential of youth volunteers. Summer discusses the upsides such as attracting the kids’ parents or guardians, thinking out of the box and cultivating future volunteers. 
Points she shares are:
Kids are natural helpers from toddler on.
Kids who volunteer are highly motivated.
Just like adult volunteers, kids are sustained by impact.
Kids are socially motivated.
Today’s kids are aware of the world.
Kids have big ideas and love to brainstorm.
Summer also shares her thoughts on bettering volunteer programs for kids such as:
Where to find organizations to partner with.
Why conversations about volunteer partnering are necessary.
How kids’ parents or guardians would get involved.
How little things can make big impact.
How community good will is involved. 
For more information on KKids visit: Kiwanis Kids

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A huge thank you to Summer for sharing the work she is doing with her K Kids, for enlightening me on the untapped potential these young volunteers have to offer, and for instilling a sense of community in our future citizens.

I know I came away feeling that the future is looking pretty bright.