In part 2 of our catching up podcast Laura discusses:

  • Inspirational volunteers who support people knowing they cannot change circumstances.
  • Volunteer appreciation-do we need a luncheon or even a week? Where should our focus be?
  • Evolving volunteer recognition.
  • Team nomination vs. volunteer of the year. (update, it worked!)
  • No one, including staff gets there on their own.
  • Person of the year? What’s the point?
  • Volunteer voice of descent-why we should listen.
  • Grumpy volunteers-just grumpy, or do they have something to teach us?
  • When introducing change, get those grumpy volunteers on board first.
  • Standing up for volunteers.
  • Recognizing we are a profession.
  • The nonprofit smoke alarm.
  • Respect for volunteer program means respect for ourselves.
  • Turnover due to poor culture.
  • Dare we talk salary?
  • Work/Life balance-yes, we must have one.

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Laura Rundell has been in the field of Volunteer Engagement for over 20 years, working at organizations of varied sizes and missions. She has worked at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA; LifeBridge Community Services in Bridgeport, CT, and currently works for the Friends Program in Concord, NH. She received her CVA in 2013, has led workshops on performance reviews for volunteers, and written guest blogs for 20 Hats and Volunteerplaintalk.

She received her BA in political science from Earlham College and her MA in History from Northeastern University. You can find Laura at Linkedin:

Congratulations on the Volunteer Team Award, Laura! See, you are a pioneer! And, as always, I had a blast, so thank you for sharing your wisdom, tips for managing change and experiences with us!